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Chaise des mariés individuelle

Chaise des mariés individuelle

Individual groom chair: decor, layout, choice!

The preparations for a marriage are not a thin matter. You must do everything you can to receive your loved ones in the best conditions. You must choose the decoration of the marriage that corresponds to your personality.

The pressure of the preparations can make you forget some details that are very important, including the chairs on which you will sit during the ceremony. Discover here some ideas and tips to decorate and have your groom chairs.

The chairs of the individual grooms, what is it?

These are the seatings reserved for the bride and the bride. They are used during the secular ceremony and sometimes in the church. The bridegrooms also use it during wedding activities and meals. They are uniquely decorated to be different from the guests’ chairs.

What kind of chair do you choose?

The choice of chairs depends on the type of reception you want to organize. If you choose one wedding decoration country, wooden chairs, made of natural materials or simple furniture in phase with nature. You can even choose a bench that is intended to remind the beauty of public gardens.

For one oriental decoration, you better go to chairs worked. In this case, brides choose a throne, but can also be tempted by two large armchairs. If it is a classic or chic wedding, choose wrought iron chairs. The transparent chairs will perfectly suit a modern wedding.

How to choose the colour of the groom chairs?

The theme of marriage plays a great role. If your decoration has a connection to the sea, your chairs must reflect it. You can use as an accessory for chairs a blue ribbon, sea stars or a boat rope.

If it is a nature wedding, your chairs should not be too dressed, add some flowers to bring them cheerful and fresh. In the case of an oriental marriage, choose gilding, white fabric or silver for the edge of the armchairs.

The purple or pink tones are suitable for elegant weddings. Just cover the chairs of the white fabric to which you add a color node.

What are the decorative elements you can add to your chairs?

Many married women cover their chairs with white fabric and lay a ribbon around. This option is simple and classic. You can adopt it to adopt them traditional marriages. You can also leave your seats in the state and add some flowers to embellish a rural or romantic wedding. You can use lace, bin, tulle, fanions, pumpkins, etc.

Married chairs are quite visible, but by security measure, you can add a small panel behind them. You can make these panels yourself using cardboard or pieces of wood. You can mention small sentences like: “Mister” and “Madam” etc.

You can now attend all the highlights of this great day comfortably installed on your groom chairs.

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