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Chaise napoléon

Chaise napoléon

For a successful baptism, no detail is to be neglected, especially with regard to the decoration of the room and chairs. To receive your guests and ensure maximum comfort during the ceremony, it is best to opt for guests chairs Napoleon. Indeed, this type of furniture seduces by its elegance and style. Find in this article everything you need to know to highlight the Napoleon chair during your events.

Why insert and highlight the Napoleon chair?

Born under the reign of Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie, the Napoleon chair has been very successful in the high class. It is characterized by an Empire style and is highly valued in classic decorations.

About the Napoleon chair

Indeed chair Napoleon in the field of the event, is one of the must-have seats that have known and continue to experience global success. Combining luxury and shine, this furniture makes your room scenic and elegant.

It is recognized by its feet in the form of square and cannal columns. This is why this chair always finds itself in prestigious events such as weddings. Here are 3 reasons why you have to choose the Napoleon chairs for your baptism ceremony.

The benefits of Napoleon chairs

The Napoleon chair offers several advantages. It makes her an important piece of furniture that you must have for her receptions.

1. It is easy to use

As surprising as it may seem, regardless of its manufacturing material, the Napoleon chair is easy to clean. For its cleaning, it is unnecessary to use a specific chemical. You just need a wet or dry cloth to do it.

2. It is of good quality and is appreciated by all

If the Napoleon chair has survived from generation to generation, it is good because its quality has not faded during the times. It is both solid, resistant and refined. It is designed to withstand shocks, wear and weather.

3. She's timeless

The Napoleon chair is very popular in the field of the event. It is also found in high-level entertainment venues. Thus, it is ideal to sublimate the reception room during a wedding, whether it is sumptuous or simplistic.

If you want to mark the spirit of your guests, choose Napoleon chairs in white, golden or red colour. You will reach the summum of beauty, elegance. Also, your guests will feel comfortable. There are accessories to allow you to look back to your convenience and according to your preferences the Napoleon chair.

Accessories available to decorate and highlight the Napoleon chair

This is mainly the chair drag, chair knots, flowers and foliage and the galette cover.

The chair drag and chair knots

Available in several models and colors, the chair drag allows to simulate the baptism dress by giving a shade along the chair. For knots, they are available in satin, linen or organza. There are also lycra knots. The principle is to bring out the splendour of the chair thanks to the knots.

The flowers and foliage

If you wish to have a natural effect during your baptism, opt for flowers or foliage. This allows you to get out of the ordinary and bring an original and pleasant touch to the decoration of the room and chairs.

The galette cover

It is usually white and in similicuir. You have the option to change the color and use the color you want. You can customize your decoration and dress your chairs according to your convenience.

You need a lot of things to get a baptism. The decoration of the room and chairs take a very important place. Take the time to choose with a specialist the seats you want according to your budget and it will take care of the rest.

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